Rock Your Botty, Botty.

The recording process is more than a list of state of the art equipment.
It requires precise knowledge of how to manipulate every decibel and position them for a listeners benefit. We don’t just record sound, we perfect it.

Rock your Botty, Botty.

A performance can be spot on, but if it isn’t properly mixed the listener will never know. Each track we record gets placed with specific positioning to guarantee that your best efforts are presented as such.

Rock your Botty, Botty.

No audio endeavor is complete until it has been properly mastered, think of it as the cherry on top. A lot of companies offer mastering services, but there are only a few of us that are masters at it.

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About Our Robots.

Josh Cobb - The man.

I started Rockbot Studios over 7 years ago in a little, cozy bedroom in Palm Coast, Florida. With a small list of equipment I began a journey to deliver the kind of quality that distinguishes good engineering from the pack, and be the best out there at it. With advances in technology, almost any one can use some version of recording software. But it takes an engineer to know how to deliver those sounds back to the listener. Over the years my love for music has evolved into an obsession for recording. Every project I take on becomes a season of my life, and I have been so blessed to share so many of these memories with such talented people. Thanks for stopping by,